14th October 2022



This summer our team set off on an incredible virtual distance mission, the aim of which was to raise as much money as possible for three amazing charities, whilst giving our physical and mental wellbeing a boost.

Where in the World Map_1

Introducing Where in the World is Hubl? National Parks

Unlike our previous challenges, where we completed the task as one big team, this time we introduced an element of competition, with three smaller teams earning points for the crown of Where in the World is Hubl champions 2022.  Inspired by the staycations that many of us have taken in the last few years, our three teams raced around a 3,225km route that passed through all 15 of the UK’s National Parks, starting and finishing at the Hublsoft offices in York.

How the Teams Earned Points

To make this challenge as inclusive as possible we introduced a variety of ways that teams could earn points.  With a kick-starter at our quarterly team event in May, we jostled for points and prizes with an interesting set of challenges, puzzling out anagrams of national parks, jumping plastic frogs into cups,  holding a wall sit until our legs gave up, and getting immersed in a game of pub cricket in the evening as we made our way past a few of York’s many hostelries.  However this really was just the beginning, and as soon as June came, we hit the ground running.

The three teams stormed off on their route around the UK, collecting brain teasers and challenges at every National Park boundary along the way.  Whilst it’s true that there was a lot of running, cycling and walking in those 3 months, we encouraged the team to get involved in other ways to, growing sunflowers, creating personal wellbeing goals, and all involvement building points and raising awareness for the charities at the heart of the challenge.  The highlights definitely included a hilarious team quiz to support Alzheimer’s Society, writing Green Space Stories to contribute to the library of 1,000s of memories collected by the National Parks Foundation and photo challenges designed to inspire the team to get out and about in different locations.

So how did we do?

Thermometer WitW final

What an amazing team, an awe-inspiring outcome. After being set the lofty challenge of travelling a combined 9,675km (tough but achievable in our view), two of the three teams had completed the circuit before the start of August. And with a culture of creating the art of the possible, we didn’t just sit back and relax at that point, the challenge was extended into the USA exploring some of the most breath-taking National Parks in the world and presenting an opportunity for growing our charitable donations further.

We are extremely proud to say that all three teams completed the initial planned route around the UK and also made it across the pond for a US of A sized experience. In total the team travelled an outstanding distance of 16,807km over the three months and raised £900 for charity. Absolutely fantastic work by the entire team, and the only question remaining – how do we go bigger in 2023?

And the Crown?

Ultimately it was a great team effort, fantastic organisation and structure, and new things popping up each week to keep us on our toes. Everyone got their shoulders behind the challenge, building points to top up the fundraising buckets and it couldn’t have happened without the whole team. As we mentioned it got quite competitive (we’re a competitive bunch at heart) and let’s say there was a tiny bit of contention about which team won, so we’ll keep that secret safe!  

Which Charities did we Support?

Our charities for this challenge were handpicked by our team and we’re so pleased that we’ve been able to support these great causes in this way. Our three charities for Where in the World 2022 were Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK and UK National Parks Foundation, read on to find out a bit more about each one.

alzheimers society

This charity is helping people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are affected by dementia, whether that’s through a personal diagnosis, or it’s a friend or family member who needs additional support. With one in 14 of the UK population aged 65 and over having dementia, it’s likely that we all know someone who’s affected. Whether that’s with memory loss, confusion or behaviour changes, living with dementia can be frightening and upsetting. People often start to forget things more as they get older, and most often this is a normal sign of ageing. But for someone with dementia, changes will be different, more serious and will affect their life more. Want to know more about the differences? Some useful information on the Alzheimer's Society Website.

Alzheimer’s Society has funded research for over 30 years and has played a key role in some of the biggest breakthroughs leading to incredible impacts for people affected by dementia. Their research is shifting to a more clinical based approach, recognising that research leads to innovation and empowerment, and it can remove the fear of dementia too.

Cancer Reasearch UK

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information. This organisation exists to support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses. This pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives.

Over the last 40 years, cancer survival in the UK has doubled. In the 1970s just 1 in 4 people survived their disease for 10 years or more. Today 2 in 4 survive. Cancer Research UK’s ambition is to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 patients surviving the disease by 2034. Fundraising saves lives through research, influence and information. More information on research is available on the Cancer Research UK Website.

UK National Parks Foundation Logo

For over 70 years, National Parks have been breath-takingly beautiful areas for the nation. The fascinating story of their creation, spanning two centuries, is one of romance, rebellion, and a growing appreciation for the great outdoors. Ultimately, a way to connect with nature and gain physical and spiritual renewal from open-air recreation.

National Parks are inspirational. Tackling climate change. Improving mental health and wellbeing. Championing diversity. Supporting young people. Protecting nature. And with half of the UK’s population within an hour’s travel of a National Park, the opportunities for our landscapes to deliver better physical and mental wellbeing are immense. Over 5,000 incredible volunteers are working to conserve and maintain these beautiful places, and you can be a part of this too. More information on the UK National Parks website.

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